Fifty Pledge Signers Elected to General Assembly

With the elections finally over, we can now see which Lobbyist Gift Cap Pledge signers have made it through the finish line. When these fifty men and women take their seats under the Gold Dome in January, they will all be co-sponsoring a bill to limit lobbyist gifts to $100. Twenty nine House members, and twenty one Senate members will take the first steps towards reigning in the unlimited spending by lobbyists on our elected officials.

In the House:

District  Name Party
4 Bruce Broadrick HD-4 R Republican
12 Eddie Lumsden HD-12 R Republican
16 Trey Kelley HD-16 R Republican
20 Lillian Burnaman HD-20 D Democratic
23 Mandi Ballinger HD-23 R Republican
26 Geoff L. Duncan  HD-26 R Republican
27 Lee Hawkins HD-27 R Republican
28 Dan Gasaway HD 28 R Republican
42 Rep Stacey Evans HD-42 D Democratic
55 Rep Tyrone Brooks HD-55 D Democratic
56 Mable “Able” Thomas HD-56 D Democratic
59 Rep Margaret D. Kaiser HD-59 D Democratic
71 Robert Stokely HD-71 R Republican
81 Rep Scott Holcomb HD-81 D Democratic
82 Rep Mary Margaret Oliver HD-82 D Democratic
85 Rep Karla Drenner HD-85 D Democratic
103 Timothy Barr HD-103 R Republican
105 Rep Joyce Chandler HD-105 R Republican
109 Rep Dale Rutledge HD-109 R Republican
117 Regina Quick HD-117 R Republican
118 Spencer Frye HD-118 D Democratic
121 Barry Fleming HD-121 R Republican
131 Johnnie L. Caldwell, Jr. HD-131 R Republican
133 John Pezold HD-133 R Republican
137 Rep Debbie G. Buckner HD-137 D Democratic
162 Rep Bob Bryant HD-162 D Democratic
167 Jeff Chapman HD-167 R Republican
175 JC Cunningham HD-175 D Democratic
180 Rep Jason Spencer HD-180 R Republican


In the Senate:

District Party
5 Senator Curt Thompson SD-5 D Democratic
8 Senator Tim Golden SD-8 R Republican
9 Senator Don Balfour SD-9 R Republican
15 Senator Ed Harbinson SD-15 D Democratic
16 Senator Ronnie Chance SD-16 R Republican
18 Senator Cecil Staton SD-18 R Republican
19 Senator Tommie Williams SD-19 R Republican
21 Senator Chip Rogers SD-21 R Republican
29 Senator Josh Mckoon SD-29 R Republican
32 Senator Judson Hill SD-32 R Republican
34 Senator Valencia Seay SD-34 D Democratic
35 Senator Donzella James SD-35 D Democratic
36 Senator Nan Orrock SD-36 D Democratic
37 Senator Lindsey Tippins SD-37 R Republican
38 Senator Horacena Tate SD-38 D Democratic
39 Senator Vincent Fort SD-39 D Democratic
41 Senator Steve Henson SD-41 D Democratic
44 Senator Gail Davenport SD-44 D Democratic
52 Chuck Hufstetler SD-52 R Republican
54 Senator Charlie Bethel SD-54 R Republican
55 Senator Gloria Butler SD-55 D Democratic

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Communications Coordinator at CCGA
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3 Responses to Fifty Pledge Signers Elected to General Assembly

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  2. victor crawley says:

    they need to go a step further and not alow any lobbiest money in the senate and house.The whole problem with our goverment it is no longer a public service it is a way to make the politicians fat cats.once you take money you are bought and paid for you loose your ethics.the last election was the most expensive in history .the democrates and republicans both in washington .are owned by big money and do not represent the people.

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