One Response to Opened roof, closed doors

  1. Baker says:

    Thank you Mr. Orr for writing this piece. I know Common Cause’s focus is more on the transparency side of things, which has certainly not happened here. Even more unfortunate, the talk that has come from public officials has been either obfuscation or outright lies. They promise it will bring jobs. Never mind that some of these jobs already exist in the current stadium. Never mind that plenty of construction workers would be employed by the court-mandated sewer fix we’re continually delaying. They also promise the economic benefits of a new stadium beyond just jobs. New tourism dollars…maybe even…a Super Bowl!! Never mind that the benefits of the Super Bowl and new stadiums in general are almost always overstated, especially by the leagues involved.

    I know a straight plug is not great post etiquette, but if you’ll allow it, please check out this Facebook page
    Save Falcons’ Habitat – Keep the Dome
    Head over there and check it out. Post any news about meetings regarding the stadium or any other columns you may come across. I’ll be posting Mr. Orr’s shortly. With enough effort, maybe we can get this thing stopped, delayed, or cheaper.

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