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Fifty Pledge Signers Elected to General Assembly

With the elections finally over, we can now see which Lobbyist Gift Cap Pledge signers have made it through the finish line. When these fifty men and women take their seats under the Gold Dome in January, they will all … Continue reading

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Board battles over voter ID laws

CCGA takes a lot of heat for supposedly being “liberal”. Well all those who assume we are such, clearly haven’t had a look at our Governing Board. We are committed to being non-partisan, and cross ideological. Our Board is united … Continue reading

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Local Control?

CCGA Board Member Kerwin Swint recently wrote this for his Official Blog. It has been reproduced here with permission. The views and opinions expressed in this post are not necessarily those of Common Cause Georgia or Common Cause national.  Our intent with this … Continue reading

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Editorial: 82% VOTE ‘YES’ for Gift Caps

Lobbyist Gift Limits and Pledge Supporting Candidates pull off huge victories Georgia is one of only three states that has absolutely no limit on lobbyist gifts to legislators.  If voter sentiment is important to members of the legislature, this should … Continue reading

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Peacocks, Politics, and Persuasion

Why Name-Calling and Insults Just Aren’t Worth It Name-calling and insults aren’t just a part of politics: they’re an artform dating back to the earliest years of US politics. Rosemarie Ostler, who uses the knowledge gained from her PhD in linguistics to … Continue reading

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It doesn’t have to be just red or blue

There’s a new political organization making waves in Georgia. Americans Elect is a group dedicated to “putting the first directly-nominated nonpartisan ticket on the 2012 ballot in all 50 states”. According to a recent AJC article they are concentrating their … Continue reading

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