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The Politics of Ethics Reform

For years the Georgia Alliance for Ethics Reform has been emphasizing how ethics reform isn’t a Democrat or Republican issue, but a right or wrong issue. Well it seems like the legislators under the Gold Dome don’t quite agree. Now … Continue reading

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Legislator Lunches and Student Suppers

Ask a college student or recent grad if someone can be bought for a meal. My guess is they’ll say no. Because one of the first things a college freshman learns is that the easiest way to get free food, … Continue reading

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New York Passes Token Ethics Legislation – Sound Familiar?

The New York legislature recently cooperated with Governor Andrew Cuomo to approve badly needed and long awaited ethics legislation. In recent years Albany has been plagued with one political scandal after another including bribery, illegal gifts, perjury, and more. New … Continue reading

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Actually, We’re Regressing on Ethics Reform

Even though there are a few days remaining in the 2011 Georgia legislative session, it is clear that there will be no meaningful ethics legislation this year. The Georgia Alliance for Ethics Reform was created because the Georgia Ethics in … Continue reading

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Ethics Delayed will be Ethics Denied

Yesterday, the Georgia Alliance for Ethics Reform had a number of their supporters down at the Capitol in order to lobby for ethics reform.  Led in part by Common Cause Georgia, the Alliance listened to, and educated its members about ethics … Continue reading

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We Have Every Right to Complain

In response to a violation of the Ethics in Government Act, we have filed a Complaint with the State Ethics Commission. The Complaint details how James Brady, now a registered lobbyist, failed to properly register as a lobbyist last year, … Continue reading

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An Ethical War of Words

Common Cause’s William Perry and Bob Irvin battle it out against Maury Litwack in this war of words on whether we need new laws limiting lobbyist gifts to legislators.  Below is a redaction from Common Cause’s position that we do … Continue reading

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How Do You Solve A Problem Like Corruption?

With an Alliance for Ethics Reform, focused on getting what so many people want heard. We are proud to be in this diverse coalition representing the full range of political viewpoints and potentially nearly all Georgians. The reforms that Alliance … Continue reading

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