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Could the Billion Dollar Stadium Get A Billion Dollars in Public Money?

Believe it or not, there is a good possibility that the Atlanta City Council may vote on the proposed new stadium on Monday. If true, to call such a fast-track vote irresponsible would be a vast understatement. The two inch-thick … Continue reading

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Let the people decide!

At some point, a conversation we were never allowed to hear, took place between Arthur  Blank and Atlanta’s Mayor, Kasim Reed. A few other conversations we never heard took place between Reed and some city council members. Other quiet conversations … Continue reading

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Please Don’t Bluff Mr. Blank

This week Mayor Kasim Reed reportedly indicated to members of the Atlanta City Council that Arthur Blank implied that the Atlanta Falcons might consider a move to Los Angeles. If Arthur Blank or the Falcons are using a whispered threat … Continue reading

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Clouds of Suspicion

  The latest chapter of controversy at Hartsfield-Jackson over concessions contracts unfolded earlier this week with an FAA mandate. Back in April, the AJC reported that the FAA was questioning the disadvantaged status of four winners. Since then, the FAA has determined … Continue reading

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Pay-to-Play in the Snow

This post is based on a report given by Rihard Belcher on WSB-TV. Click here to view the story. Yesterday, Richard Belcher from WSB Channel 2 reported on another pay-to-play scandal involving Mayor Kasim Reed. Surprisingly, it has nothing to … Continue reading

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Intern Insights Vol. 1

This summer Common Cause Georgia has a brand new crop of interns. Their experience with politics ranges from never having voted to having their TV permanently set to C-SPAN. Each of our interns will be blogging throughout the summer about … Continue reading

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Testify to Transparency

After reading our blog, please visit here to read the response from the Mayor’s office, as well as emails that followed. From the very beginning of the $3 billion airport bidding process, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed stated that it would … Continue reading

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A Timeline of the Airport Contracting Controversies

Hartsfield Jackson Airport and the City of Atlanta recently concluded the largest round of contract bidding ever seen in North America. The contracts at stake were worth over $3 billion dollars. Given the enormity of the process, CCGA advocated for … Continue reading

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The Case for Pay-to-Play Reform

The Newark City Council, not an “aristocratic” group During the first Atlanta City Council meeting of the New Year, Councilmember Lamar Willis and I debated the concept of not allowing people wishing to hold or bid on city contracts to … Continue reading

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John Sugg’s response Mayor Reed’s allegations

*Note: This is a personal letter from CCGA board member John Sugg. The ideas and opinions herein do not in any way reflect the views of the CCGA board or the organization.* January 11, 2012 The Hon. Kasim Reed Mayor, … Continue reading

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