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The Politics of Ethics Reform

For years the Georgia Alliance for Ethics Reform has been emphasizing how ethics reform isn’t a Democrat or Republican issue, but a right or wrong issue. Well it seems like the legislators under the Gold Dome don’t quite agree. Now … Continue reading

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Fifty Pledge Signers Elected to General Assembly

With the elections finally over, we can now see which Lobbyist Gift Cap Pledge signers have made it through the finish line. When these fifty men and women take their seats under the Gold Dome in January, they will all … Continue reading

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Intern Insights vol. 3

This summer Common Cause Georgia has a brand new crop of interns. Their experience with politics ranges from never having voted to having their TV permanently set to C-SPAN. Each of our interns will be blogging throughout the summer about … Continue reading

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There’s Nothing Magical About the Facts

Our gift cap pledge is making great strides in a positive direction! Unfortunately, not everyone has gotten on board. Candidates have offered up reasons why they won’t sign the pledge, ranging from the fairly sensible to the pretty spurious. One … Continue reading

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