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Top 9 Ethics Bill Loopholes

Although HB 142 does rectify some issues with the ethics laws in Georgia. There are several loopholes that keep the bill from achieving it’s true purpose: ending unlimited giving from lobbyists to legislators. Lobbyists can split tickets with other lobbyists … Continue reading

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Robocalls Spur Personal Attack by House Leader

House Majority Leader angrily replies to watchdog’s request for meaningful reform  In a surprising response to a letter sent to ethics committee conferees requesting consideration of amendments and informing members of advocacy calls to voters in their legislative districts, House Majority Leader Larry O’Neal … Continue reading

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Fifty Pledge Signers Elected to General Assembly

With the elections finally over, we can now see which Lobbyist Gift Cap Pledge signers have made it through the finish line. When these fifty men and women take their seats under the Gold Dome in January, they will all … Continue reading

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Going Beyond the Obvious

Alright everyone, pack up and go home! We don’t need to worry about campaign donations influencing legislators anymore, not after an opinion article in the Online Athens Banner-Herald by Walter Jones claimed that there’s not really much of a connection … Continue reading

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The Ethics Reform Georgia Needed

Common Cause Georgia and I would like to express our sincere gratitude toward former representative McCracken Poston and lobbyist Jim Kulstad for speaking with me about their involvement in passing Georgia’s Ethics in Government Act of 1992. Without their contributions … Continue reading

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Legislator Lunches and Student Suppers

Ask a college student or recent grad if someone can be bought for a meal. My guess is they’ll say no. Because one of the first things a college freshman learns is that the easiest way to get free food, … Continue reading

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It wouldn’t be fall in GA without an extravagant lobbyist funded trip

It sure seems like a year can’t go by without a lobbyist expenditure scandal. Last year it was the $17,000 Europe trip, for House Speaker David Ralston. This year it’s the $5,000 golf trip for Lt. Governor Casey Cagle. The Atlanta-Journal Constitution … Continue reading

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Lobbying a special session costs $10,000 a day

How much lobbyist money does it take to make a legislative session? $100,000.  That’s a lot of money, more than most Georgians make in a year. Of course, to the lobbyists, $100K is just chump change; it’s how much lobbyists spent in the two … Continue reading

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Ethics Reform 101

Lobbying, much like the term “bureaucracy”, is a word used negatively to highlight what is wrong with politics.  Citizens think of lobbyists as deep pocketed agents for rich corporations who are not afraid to exchange cash and lavish gifts for … Continue reading

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